Coming from a long line of prolific storytellers, Susan Cheryl Balestrieri tells the story of the Women of Ayredale House. Sarah began this adventure in London, England in the midst of the industrial revolution. Then Sarah, her aunt and friends emigrate from England to America. They move to the new frontier in the second historical fiction, Fiona.

Storytellers connect us to another time and place whether it be by mouth or written word. A retired language arts and special needs educator for twenty-eight years, Sue taught children of all ages the art of writing and telling tales sharing her life stories in Baker’s Backyard Adventures. Massachusetts is her home town, but she now resides in Florida. Sue has led the Brookridge Creative Writers for fifteen years and she’s honored to have you as a reader of her books.


Susan would love to hear from you. You can email her directly at smakuchbalestrieri at gmail dot com.